Brothers of the Wind Trading Company

Three great houses formed a pact. Many of whom heralded from the glory days of Treve before the once great city fell from grace and all the honorable warriors left to be scattered all over Gor. They now had family members, blood brothers and allies spread through the planet but were tired of what they saw. The same deplorable behavior that spread like a cancer to ruin their old home stone had manifested itself throughout Gor. Corruption, lies, backstabbing and dishonor was everywhere. Only a few places managed to stay above this and it was those places they would help. No longer would they swear allegiance to a city that lacked the honor they longed for.

From this pact The Brothers of the Wind (BOW) Trading Company was born. It would have operations in many cities, offering goods and services that might be hard to acquire without help. It included mercenaries and tarns men, merchants and other castes. Spies and scouts were quickly in place. Influence and information was one of the commodities to be bought and sold. Heads of Castes, physicians, ambassadors, merchants--people from all over Gor soon started joining. Some were more visible than others who preferred to keep their membership secret from their home stone but all who offered their services wanted to see the same thing that had been so lacking as of late: honor.

To further their long term goals, many deals would be struck and unusual alliances would be formed, but their goals would remain the same

We may appear to be nothing more than a merchant company but we will smuggle or gather anything we can for coin. We also do forgery, thefts, anything that is dodgery and shady we will do.

Interested? Seek BoW or Victor Warilard
Areola (Aaheli30)

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