Port Kar Group Chat Protocol

Group chat is an option to have for a sim, not a given. It is meant to be fun, a means to get to know people and to be light in terms of tone. There are things that wont be tolerated, as it sets off drama and spreads like wildfire. If it is found you are doing any of the following, you may be removed from the chat access without warning or notice. It most likely will be temporary but in certain cases it can be permanent. If you are removed once and then allowed back in but continue to do the behavior, then you may be removed permanently as well.

1. No throwing of insults to Role players. This includes name calling, using profanity towards them. Complain how they role play, how they dress, etc.

2. Do not come into GC and complain about a RP scene. If there is an issue, message the person it involves. Do not involve the entire sim in the ooc conflict.

3. Trashing Port Kar. Everyone can have their opinion and share it amongst themselves privately but to take it to GC wont be tolerated.

4. Dont come into chat to dispute a moderated ruling.

5. Do not paste a shout into GC. No one can respond to it, as it would be metagamming. If they cant hear the shout in local, then they cant hear it.   (This wont get you removed from GC but please dont use GC for this purpose)

6. Dont ask for a slave in GC to come help or a scribe, a green, a warrior...etc. This is a RP sim, find what you need IC.      (This wont get you removed from GC but please dont use GC for this purpose)

* More may be added as necessary. If your violation isnt on the list, it doesnt mean you cant be removed from GC. This will be done at the discretion of admin.

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