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Tal Free and Slaves

I realize that a lot of you are new to Second Life Role play so to assist you on the proper RP procedures accepted both here in Landa and other Sims I have compiled a few hints to assist.

1) If you must be away for Real Life please mark  your meter AFK and put your avatar somewhere off out of the path of RP, suggestion, behind a building, or bring your avatar to your own home and then mark AFK.  That way there others are not starting to RP with your avatar only to see it is away.

2) At NO time will you TP in/out of a RP, if you must leave please state such in open channel.  The only valid reason for leaving a RP you are in would be a RL reason.. but even then you cannot TP in/out.. LOG in/out...you must walk your avatar to somewhere else out of site of the RP’ers.

3) Acknowledging others:  So many times we see people greet and talk to those within a sim having not had the ability to know them prior.  You are a Stranger if you have not met before so behave as such.  If your characters have met before then it is fine to acknowledge and proceed with interaction.  Just because you can see the other character's names above their heads do not just call them by name, introduce yourself perhaps or acknowledge you are Strangers if this hasn't occurred between the two characters as of yet.

If for some reason though a stranger to you appears in a sim and addresses you, do not immediately jump them foregoing the role play experience itself but perhaps turn the interaction into them perhaps having heard of you and maybe from where.  Two wrongs do not make a right and both can have ill effects on the role play as a whole.  As far as guests go take some time to help them enter and escort them through the city, answering their questions.

4) Entrances : Be alert and aware of where you enter.  If it is in a forest there will be no gates, nor can a Tarn land you within the trees so you must be creative and find a way to enter.  If in a City usually the people present are within one spot.  The City is large so you would have to approach the site they are in.  Nodding  to guards perhaps conversing.  Seeing towers  in some of the Cities that have them.  Acknowledge your surroundings as you enter to interact.  It is good to be versed in some knowledge and if without that knowledge ask in whisper then proceed if guided.  Nothing is worse then having roleplay interrupted by those just walking in and talking.  Take a moment when coming up on two persons or a group to read and listen to the role play happening, then join in.

5)  Be realistic: Realistic role play.  Just because you are a pixel in this realm do not all of a sudden acquire super hero powers.  You are human, Goreans were human.  You cannot scale large buildings or gates, you cannot see behind you unless you turn your head, you cannot know things unless they have been discussed with you within the role play.  Just because you have seen things on a forum or have been told in IM giving you knowledge, your character does not have that information. There were no telepathic qualities on Gor. What is occurring in the sim is occurring and those not present would be in ignorance of them.

6)  Perfect your art:  read ..read...read...learn your environment and make it happen to come alive. You are a participant once you enter and it is your responsibility to uphold your portion of interaction.  Slaves practice endlessly to let you see them, this is not something a Free needs to not do either.  Let us see you become real and create the vision.

7) Talking of earth and everyday life:  Talking of everyday life within a sim while role play is occurring is just plain rude.  Take it to IM, to me that is the purpose of IM, real life. Don't spoil others enjoyment as you learn.

a)  If you need to take a discussion to IM please excuse yourself form the roleplay and leave the scene.  Nothing is more annoying  then  trying to RP with someone that is not either focused or lost in IM's or another realm of communication.  Don't be the one to be negligent in your consideration of others.  No ONE can be in IM's and effectively RP at the same time no matter how good you are.. one or the other will loose quality, and its usually the local RP.

8)   Be Serious:  If you seriously approach to learn most will help and interact showing you ways to portray your character but the burden of creativeness will still lie on your shoulders.  It is an art and fun as so many will witness to you.  Learn by doing and go slowly.  Observe with limited banter until you are comfortable within this sim.

9)  Gor isn't for a day:  Gor itself cannot be learned in a day.  If you come seeking to find sexual gratification you will be sadly disappointed.  Nothing in life worth having or living is without effort.  Learn what it is that you want and grow within your role. For everything you take you should also be ready to give

10) Remember:  We do not tolerate ignorance to our laws by outsiders therefore we should be holding our own selves accountable to not only know the laws here but to uphold them.

11) Prim Usage: Remain in the amounts allotted.

Your friendly Slaver
Mazana Juventa

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