Port Kar Slave Guidelines

                                                        ✿ SLAVE GUIDELINES ✿

It should be noted that this is a guideline as to what is considered the "Norm" in Port Kar. breaking one of these guidelines puts you in danger of IC reaction, not OOC moderation. Port Kar has loose morals in every way, what is considered the norm, or acceptable is not the same as in other cities.


    ➨ Slaves on Gor were susceptible to a lot of punishments. This could be anything from whipping, cutting hair, caging, stocks, on up to death.
        • A slave could be disposed of at the whim of any free for being remotely displeasing, though compensation would be paid to the owner. Compensation would be decided by the owner, not the one doing the damage or killing. This can include anything, including a duel, and death.
    ➨ Slaves generally stayed busy with serving or chores. When out of service, anything from cooking to scrubbing floors to assisting a Free. That being said, even slaves had free time to visit with other slaves, read, etc.
    ➨ Slaves are not permitted to strike a Free, often it is seen as a punishable offense mainly by impalement.
    ➨  With it being a man's world, free men take priority over free women. The way you should follow orders and serve is men before women. A mans wishes takes priority over a womans. Such as, if a slave is not in direct service to a free woman. There is no reason to be in tower. Tower is reserved for direct service to a free woman. If the men present or the one you are in service to, instruct you to tower, then you do so. Otherwise the norm is to be in nadu for the pleasure of men.
        • It should be your owner, free men, then free women. When kneeling your owner's wishes come first, then kneel for men, then for women.
    ➨  Slaves own nothing even what their owner may give them, not even their name which can be changed or taken away at their owner's whim.
    ➨  A slave should be pleasing in all ways. Their two main duties are "exquisite beauty and absolute obedience"
     ➨ There is a Port Kar Kennels, next door to the Inn. You can RP your way in that way. You will become a Port Kar city slave. There is a group joiner for the kennel group on the second floor. Please ask Harry Horchester or Isabellla Daines for a land tag. If you have not been online or seen a reasonable time frame, you will be ejected from both the land group and kennel group.

  ✿ Unowned slaves/runaways/from other cites will be dealt with as the Free wishes. You can be captured with no RP. So beware. RP is encouraged for the capture but not a rule. Personal combat rules do not apply to slaves. The death of slaves do require 1 hour of RP. If you are owned by someone and captured in Port Kar, you are expected to RP it out IC. Your owner has to come to the Port and RP the return to them. The one who captured you will decide what is required proof to give you back to your owner. It is also up to the one who captured you, if he releases you back to your owner. This all must be handled IC. You chose to come to the Port alone, you will need to deal with the consequences.     
      ➨ Pregnant slaves were not seen in public. Expect to be rped as such. You may be killed. The very least, sent back to your home.
    ➨  Reasonable limits will be respected even for slaves. 'No cutting my hair' and 'no punishing me' are examples of limits that are not allowed. If you want to be restricted, best have a belt on. Even then, that doesnt cover your mouth. If you roam freely, you are free for anyone to use.
        • A slave in Gor is worth no more than common livestock and as such can and will be punished by any Free.
    ➨  Sexual Restrictions will not be respected, Use a belt or keep slaves close to their owners if you wish them not to be used.
        • Port Kar is dangerous, "No Rape" will not be respected. However any role player is allowed to Fade to Black on RP to avoid the experience.
        • Use of another frees slave without permission can be considered theft, and may be dealt with accordingly IC.
        • NPC Owners do not protect you from punishment, if you misbehave you may be punished as befitting a slave 
    ➨  If a free punishes a slave, the slave should handle the punishment with grace. It is part of Gorean rp and all actions should be handled ICly.
    ➨  Slaves are never to be sold for real money. Either coin, trade, or gifting is allowed. If someone tries to sell you for Lindens, let admin know.
    ➨  Female slaves are allowed melee only such as pots, pans, brooms, and other every day items that would be easily accessible to the slave.
        • Female slaves may defend themselves, if cornered, or attacked. Or in the defense of their owner who has been downed, or the Port, when attacked.
    ➨  Male slaves may use any weapon that a free man could for the purposes of defending the Port of their owner.
    ➨  There are NO Female fighting slaves. This is not recognized as BTB, and will not be allowed in the Port.
        • OOCly, everyone should be respected with roles aside. Childlike behavior will not be tolerated, act like an adult.
    ➨  No high pitched slave bells. This can get annoying and grate on the nerves. Please if wearing bells, making sure they are low pitch or quiet.

Gorean slave attire

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