Port Kar Black Caste Rules

The laws for Assassins in Port Kar are divided into four parts:
I Those wearing the mark.
II Those not wearing the mark
III Behavior of Assassins
IV Behavior of Port Kar Citizens with Assassins
V OOC considerations.

There is a three day requirement for an Assassin to carry out a contract. You must be present for those three days and have proof. You can have helpers, to help with information gathering, but in the kill phase, it is solely you to carry out the kill. In those three days, you can pose as another caste, to gather information and to gain trust of the mark. You can wear a disguise. BUT in the kill phase, you must be in the colors of an Assassin and bear the mark. Those needing clarification, the "Hunt" phase will be defined as the gathering of information in the three day requirement. The "Kill" phase is when the Assassin is ready to carry out the kill.
Also be aware, currently the the council of the captains have declared a ban on Assassins hunting in the port. This means if you are seen wearing the mark, you CAN be stopped before you draw your weapon and be arrested. If you are a known assassin, you may be questioned and detained. This is all IC related and NOT a ban oocly. So knowing this, you may want to be stealthy in your hunt.
One more note. If you come from a sim that states death has to be permanent, it will not be recognized in Port Kar. Our players have the right to decide how to handle the death. No one can dictate that to a player. You may not take your mark off the sim, to complete the contract. As that will blur the lines of it being a kidnapping vs fulfilling a contract. So the rules of a kidnapping will be need to be followed, which is one hour of RP with the person, prior to taking them off sim. If you are in a raid on our sim, you MAY NOT use the raid to carry out the contract.

I Those Bearing the Mark:

1) Assassins must follow the laws of Port Kar. Stop and read them before you enter!

2) An Assassin MUST wear the black clothing of his caste and bear the mark of the black dagger on his forehead when he is ready to begin the "KILL" phase. ( With mesh heads, we know it may be hard, so some sort of mark on forehead and in the meter title)  Those bearing the mark are able to kill, without being stopped by the men of Port Kar, up to the point where you draw a weapon. (Emote the mark, don't assume we can see it. Wearing black is not by itself identification enough. Change your meter label to something like ~ Dagger worn on Forehead ~ to help stop issues ) *** See note at top for what is currently being RPed in regards to Assassins.

3) The Assassin must emote wearing the black dagger on his forehead at least once while in the presence of his mark and before he attempts the Assassination. The standard three lines of RP/emoting is required for any kill to be considered valid.

4) If the weapons you wear come with sheaths or quivers then wear them. If sheaths are not worn, the weapon can not be used in the sim.  A Marked Assassin does not have to disarm any range weapons before entry to the port.

5) Following an assassination attempt the Assassin must successfully reach the TP arrival/exit area and emote at least one line of escape or leaving before successfully teleporting out, doing so will be considered as having found safe passage away.

NOTE: Assassins can and do kill Free Women, Physicians and slaves. An assassin who claims otherwise is either lying or not a true Killer.

6) If you enter the city with a slave accompanying you, you may not be in the kill phase. Kills will not be valid with an accompanying slave.  Slaves can be used to scout and distract, but no one must know they are owned by you. The assassin should, of course, expect the slave to be impaled if discovered. Owning a slave elsewhere is your business. As well, you can not have men who are "helpers" in the kill phase. You can use men to help gather information, but you must be present for the three day RP requirement.

7) If you kill, or attempt to  kill, someone inside Port Kar and do not make a clean escape, expect that our men will do their best to capture and or kill you before you get away PERIOD. That is their job. Hired killers are not protected under the same laws as our citizens, but should our men not kill you and you are granted a hearing or trial know full well that the penalty for murdering one of our citizens is death.

8) A minimum of three days RP during the hunt phase of no less that three full hours must be completed before an Assassin can go into the kill phase of the hunt.
ii.  Those not bearing the mark

1) Keep in mind these are dangerous men and not of what one would consider a "perky,cheerful " nature...these are men trained to kill another with as much thought as a peasant would give to chopping wood.they afford no special pass...but always remember it is a Killer very nature to deal a Death Blow...so choose your words carefully,and to trifle with on or trespass on their  lands is good way to die

iii.    Behavior of Assassins:
During all role-playing in Port Kar, a member of the Black Caste will conform to the following behaviors:
    A.  During the actual Kill an Assassin is expected to follow the principles of his Caste. We will not tolerate actions of disrespect to the fallen target. No mutilating the body or shouting your victory or parading the corpse as a trophy. Get in, do your work, be gone. As a Killer should do.  Role-playing a cover identity that is loud and boisterous during the Hunting phase is NOT considered counter to this behavior.
    B.  Assassins are not affable fellows. Their final test often leaves them solitary and distant, though they may act friendly to gain trust or information. We will not recognize an Assassin bringing in friends to help in his kill, or using friendships in the city beyond information gathering.
    C.  He will show no mercy, but also he will not indulge in excessive emotion. A Killer does not allow blood lust to lead his dagger. Torturing, mutilating, humiliating etc etc. This is not the job of the Killer.  Again, role-playing a cover identity who shows these emotions during their Hunting phase is NOT considered counter to this behavior.
    D.  Assassins are not required to hide their calling or their Caste. But it also will not be flaunted. A Killer was dangerous. And those that saw their black tunics and the helmet of their Caste knew to stay cautiously away. But it was not a Killer's place to threaten every person who annoyed him. And his Caste did not grant killings beyond that of necessity and coin. All laws of Gor and of Port Kar will be obeyed.
    E.  Disinformation is acceptable.  Rumors regarding an assassin's (inflated) prowess and skills may be spread.  It is permitted to point blame and suspicion on others. Half of stealth is, after all, getting your target to look the other way.
    F. Assassins are supposed to carry out their mission in a stealthy, nondescript manner.  Behavior contrary to that: widespread slaughter or destruction of property, for instance, is not consistent with that pattern, and anyone indulging in that behavior will be treated as a griefer, not an assassin.

iv. Behavior of Citizens and guests towards Black Caste

1) Men may not interfere with a black wearing the mark but this does not mean they have to stand back and do nothing while you attempt to kill someone in front of them. It is up to the men of Port Kar present to determine if they are going to interrupt the contract or simply honor it. ****Please refer to the note at top of NC for an exception to this currently.

2) Men of Port Kar  ARE permitted to protect the mark and defend against the assassin at any point after weapons are drawn. Port Kar men are also permitted to follow assassins, track their movements, or to form defensive rings around their commanders and city leaders when an Assassin is present in the city if they choose to do so.

3) Innkeepers and shopkeepers will tolerate their presence and do business with them but only reluctantly.

4) Regular citizens (especially Free Women) would not approach, challenge, question, flirt with, sit with or or otherwise interact with Assassins as a rule. But that is the norm, and not everyone can be dictated in such a manner. Any person seen sitting with an Assassin or conversing with them can and should be expected to be labeled as a potential informant. This, again, is on the Port Kar men to decide the best course of action.

V. Other OOC considerations :

1.   To prevent alt play, your Second Life Gorean Avatar must be a minimum of 3 months old. Anyone less than 3 months old cannot role-play as a Black Caste on our sim.

2. RP as an assassin by a female is invalid.

3.  Only 1 kill a day is allowed in the city per person. Any Assassin who successfully kills one of our Citizens can not kill that same person again until after a month has lapsed.

4.   The contract against a Citizen on our sim is deemed to be complete when the target is killed OR the Assassin is killed (which ever happens first). When the contract is over, the reason for the kill and the client that hired the Assassin cannot be used against that same Citizen again. Which means, you cannot be hired again by that person for the same reason, to try again to kill the target again.

5.  All kills need to be Note-carded and given to admin to validate the kill.  All assassins will use the form of a POIT. If you are not sure what one is then you are not an assassin.

6. A citizen may not be targeted more than once per 30 days if successfully killed by a Killer on a legal contract.


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