The Iron Bank

This is a Note Card that will Help you under stand a little bit about the Concept of The Braavosi and the Iron Bank and their secret arm the Faceless Men.   In Bringing the Idea of the Iron Bank from GOT it is my intention of building on the "Concept" but using the Gorean framework for the roleplay.

  The Origin Of the Iron Bank in Kar is That the "Braavosi"...come from an Island beyond the Pani Isles...and whose place was covered in a Mist by the Priest kIngs...The refugees of the Bank Fleet and others were found of a Southern Coast by the Corsair Fleet.  After many negotiations The Admiral Alexi convinced them that Port Kar would be the Ideal place for them to lay low until perhaps the Pks anger may be lifted and they could return home..  They rarely speak of their home Island and the Massive Guardian they speak of only in reverence as the "Titan". Their sword style is an unarmored way of fighting called Water Dancing...Thin Rapier or such blades along with a second Blade in their shield hand are their preferred method of fighting.  The Braavosi detest slavery but abiding in GOR they cannot but accept it..But do all they can for the well being of slaves in general...often allowing a Slave to borrow money at cost to buy their freedom.

The Iron Bank has an exclusive Contract for the Rencer Paper and it is through their current Monopoly they conduct a high priced game of supply and demand with the Scribes of other cities that need it.  They have strong Purple sailed Galleys fast and well manned that they use for their trade and Protection.

It is rumored..that the Elite assassins...The Faceless Men have come to KAR as well. They ply there way of Death much differently than the usual Black Caste would But are adapting to the codes and ways of the Black Court.  They have a Temple hidden deep in the Reed Marshes If the rumors are true...

There are many positions open to ones seeking Roleplay.

Agents- These are the many who work in and around the bank working its will through out the city..They are many castes and professions but bear their allegiance to the Iron Bank.

Iron enforcers..--Warriors who Guard the Treasures and protect the Members of the Bank.  They are often found in the vicinity of the Banks Inquisitors.  The skill of those so employed by the Council are noteworthy indeed.

Inquisitors- These are the Higher members of the Banks Hierarchy They are expert troubleshooters..negotiators and Hunters of Men...Those who think to slip away into the night must ever look over their shoulders for the Inquisitors of the Iron bank never fail to find those who renege on their Debts...

KeyHolders? There are only 23 of these mysterious Men and women...all descendants of the Original Founders of the Bank. 

Here are some Vids that may help with the feel of the flavor...Obviously this isn't GOT..But a spice dripped out of it cannot hurt the Cites of GOR

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