Port Kar Mod/Admin Support

Contacting Sim support should be a last resort, We are an adult oriented Sim. We expect both residents and guests to behave as such. Do remember Support rulings ARE final.

 We will be limiting the use of mods. They will only be used for griefers and rule breakers. We wont mod RP any longer. We expect everyone to be an adult and work through problems, whether it is IC or OOCly.  We are all here for fun, even the admin. We would like the time to role play as well instead of settling squabbles between players. Handle in character stuff, within the confines of role play. The out of character stuff, please use the mute button if you cannot come to an agreement.


u/d 13th October 2021-

As policy, Port Kar does not moderate roleplay. Good or bad, we hope that people are able to deal with one another in some form or fashion, as we are all adults.

The only thing Port Kar will moderate is when sim rules are broken or where Admins/Mods need to be involved to maintain calm and order.

As per policy, anyone asking for a mod should fill out a notecard (named MOD CALL) and attach any other relevant information.

Mod calls must wait a minimum 24 hours and any roleplay is paused

    The admin will only be modding rule breakers, griefers. Any dispute regarding a RP will NOT be modded. Handle it between yourselves. Work out the issue IC if you can, through RP. If it is an OOC issue between people, then either settle the differences like adults or use the mute button. We, as admins, are not here to work out your problems.
    ➨ If OOC related please resolve the situation in IM's and keep it out of local chat.
        • Repeated OOC arguing in open chat may be grounds for an ejection or temporary ban
    ➨ If Raid related, Contact your own sides Moderator, and let the moderators hash it out.
    ➨ Remember that the outcome of the Moderation is FINAL
    ➨ Do not argue with, insult or otherwise irritate the admin. Repeated offenses will be dealt with by eject or temporary ban.
     Should be a person of the sim, familiar with the rules and is active on sim on a regular basis. Not someone who only comes to sim to moderate a raid. The moderator's job is to be a means of communication between the two raiding parties. They do not run the raid. That is the raid leader's job. Any decisions need to be discussed with the raid leader before communicating it to raiding party's moderator. Any ejection from sim, ban or ruling the raid invalid, needs to be discussed with raid leader/admin.
    ➨ Admin will consider ban appeals on a case by case basis within the group.
◆ Sim Owner
   - Harry Horchester
◆  Admin
   ~ Harry Horchester
   ~ Isabellla Daines
For any issues please contact Harry or Isabellla Horchester (isabellla Daines).


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