Port Kar Free Women Guidelines

                                                ✿ FREE WOMAN GUIDELINES ✿

It should be noted that the following are GUIDELINES as to what is considered the "Norm" in Port Kar. Breaking one of these guidelines puts you in danger of IC reaction, not OOC moderation. Port Kar has loose morals in every way, what is considered the norm, or acceptable is not the same as in other cities.

    ➨ All Free Women are advised to be respectfully dressed, dependent upon their Caste and station.     ➨            Veil's are optional
    ➨ High Caste women are advised be covered from neck to toe, no skin below the neck should be visible.  Hands can be uncovered..     
     ➨ Low Caste women can show a little more skin due to the work they do; bare arms are acceptable.
    ➨ Free Women tended to avoid heavy makeup, as it is thought to be slave-like. They usually wear their hair in a up-do's or braids. This is NOT a law nor a rule.
    ➨ Free women may wear sandals, slippers, or boots. 
    ➨ Earrings were not worn by Free Women, as "pierced ear girls" are considered the lowest but the most sensual of slave girls. 
    ➨ Other jewelry is acceptable. Including but not limited to nose piercings   
    ➨ She urts are not bound by the dress codes for free women,
    ➨ She urts have much lower standing in legal matters such as rape, abuse, tolerance, and must take this into consideration

    ➨ A free woman may not show aggression to a male.  She may disagree, argue, and debate.
        • Threats or aggressive actions toward men may be seen as an affront to the gender hierarchy, and punished severely
    ➨ There is no law against free women entering a Tavern, albeit the patrons of the tavern may react in different ways
    ➨ There is no law against prostitution in Port Kar where sailors are horny and coin flows in rivers
        • Urts may engage in prostitution at any time, it is a common sight to see she-urts begging for coin in exchange for favors
        • Low Caste women may engage in prostitution but the city will not protect them from collaring, they must find a means
        • High Caste women may contract themselves for temporary slavery but must find their own means of protection.
    ➨ A Free woman are advised not to display overt slave like behavior in public as she may be collared.
        • The family/protector of a woman, who is collared, needs no legal reason to fight or kill to free her regardless of her actions.
    ➨ A Free Woman is expected to abide by all rulings set by the Captain's Council. (No matter how harsh)

    ➨ Rape and attempted rape against a free woman is a crime, and will be punished accordingly.
    ➨ Face stripping (forcibly removing the veil) of free women without cause is tantamount to rape and will be punished the same.     ➨ Should there be doubt about a woman's actions, she should be brought before the Council for a ruling.
    ➨ A free woman is permitted feminine or low strength weapons only. To carry a mans weapon will carry stiff consequences.
    ➨ A free woman may not be force-collared for disrespect to a male, but may find herself  with a punishment below.
    ➨ An Angered Companion, Protector, or Family member may legally retaliate violently against a man who punishes a woman
        • "But but she did X" Isn't a defense, If you abuse a woman, even if you are in the right, you may end up facing her protectors
    ➨ Abusing a Council Members family may be punishable by death, even for other Council Members
        • The Council is a very tenuous peace accord between the crews, attacking a Councilman's family is an act of War and will not be tolerated. All Council men should take it as an offense to the peace of the Council.
        • Councilman's family members should be brought before the council if there is a serious problem. Most crimes would be turned a blind eye to.

  ➨   If you are NOT a citizen of Port Kar. The above protection does not apply to you.   Be aware when you walk our streets. NPC guards and escorts are allowed but they cannot protect you from capture.

◆ FREE WOMAN CITIZENS PUNISHMENTS (To be executed by the Council of Captains, not by just any man).
    Exception to this is if the woman has a mate or under the protection of a man of the port. If another man does punish, collar, etc. It will be taken care of IC wise.
(These are JUST examples of what can be done besides a forced collar, this is by NO MEANS laws in Port Kar - but examples BTB of punishments. None of the examples below are laws of Port Kar, but actions by a FW that can be called into question and be brought to the council. If a FM other than those on the council decides to take matters in their own hands, then they must be willing to face the consequences of doing so.)

    ➨ For interfering with the entertainment of men - Hog tied Hood, blindfold and gag.
    ➨ For just being an irritation - Gagged, stripped and manacled.
    ➨ When found to be irritable or troublesome - Stripped & chained to sleep on stone floor, no blanket or mat
    ➨ For shaming a Man's' village (Home Stone) - Whipped
    ➨ For disregarding a Man's instructions - Stripped naked and put in a slave kennel for the night
    ➨ As Free Prisoners/Captives objecting to being naked - Lashed by a slave
    ➨ Temporary Collars
    ➨ Time in a penal brothel
    ➨ A free woman can be forced to kneel, give obeisance, even to take the "belly" position like a slave or face the consequences of a real and permanent collar for refusing to obey (HOWEVER, She can NOT be accused of acting in slave like behavior when forced to do this)

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