Port Kar -Allowed & Disallowed Weapons

Updated 06/05/2019

The following is a list of all weapon types usable by different types of RPers. These must be adhered to in all raid and non-raid situations.

◆ MEN - 
Men may use any of the following weapon types.
   ➨ MELEE -
         • Swords, Spears, Whips, Pole-axes, Glaives, Axes, Slave Goads, Knives, and Fists.
   ➨ RANGED -
         • Bows, and Crossbows. (No blowdarts)
Women may use any of the following weapon types.
   ➨ MELEE -
         • Daggers, Fans, Hairpins, Slave Goads, and Whips., etc. They may also use any slave weapon. It is expected all weapons to be set to the lowest possible settings. They may not use Swords. spears, axes, glaives, pole-axes, etc.

Slaves may use weapons at their own risk. Assaulting a Free Person is punishable by death.

◆ Male Slaves may use any weapon a free man can use.

◆ Female Slaves:
May only use slave weapons melee only.  No ranged weapons are allowed at all. They must be set to the lowest possible settings.

    ➨ Any kind of Raycaster or no-friendly-fire technology
    ➨ Any kind of WoW or aim-assisting scripts
    ➨ Quick switching melee weapons to bypass the normal delay between strikes
    ➨ Dual wielding weapons (an off hand weapon that is a re-skinned shield does not count as dual wielding).
    ➨ Speed enhancement or any HUD or device that increases your avatar performance beyond SL norms or your weapons beyond ZCS specifications.

    ➨ EQ Weapons
    ➨ LR Weapons
    ➨ Centipede Weapons
    ➨ VF Weapons
    ➨ Harbinger and Stormy Weapons
    ➨ EZ/Forge Weapons
    ➨ GTS Weapons
    ➨ Alika Sao Weaponry
    ➨ PFC Weapons
    ➨ Black Steel
    ➨ Ancient Builds
    ➨ FX Weapons
    ➨ Ancient Lore Weapons
    ➨ Equinox
    ➨ Cernus Weapons
    ➨ Scorpion Weapons
    ➨ Radikal Dezigns (MELEE ONLY)

    ➨ Tudu v2.1.a Non regenerative
    ➨ Havoc Rau No Regen v1.4 or higher
    ➨ Dove Rau 20/20 Standard Tarn (S20)
    ➨ Black Rose (Vivienne Daguerre)

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