Port Kar Rental & Housing Rules

UPDATED: 6/5/19

The following rules apply to all rental homes or businesses within Port Kar.

Please make sure to pay your rent weekly and on time. You will have 24 hours after a rental has expired to renew your lease. After that, your prims may be returned. If you have not logged onto SL for an extended period of time, with no contact. We reserve the right to take the rental back and refund you the money. We cant have people renting a place for months then not not logging into SL after renting. If you are going to be away, please let admin know. Otherwise the rental may be taken back without notice. We will not be held responsible for the loss of no copy items, if they are returned.

   ➨ All rentals in Port Kar are accompanied by a prim limit and a price per individual building. These can be found by clicking on the 'For Rent' signs and asking for 'info'. Prices are 3 L per prim. Prims may be negotiated upward only. Do not ask for the rental to be decreased in prims.
      • If you go over your prim limit, Administration will be request you to review your prim count. If you do not correct the prim overage within a reasonable amount of  time ,after being contacted by admin, we reserve the right to either adjust the price on your rental, to reflect the amount of prims you are using or to return some items. We will not be held responsible for no copy items if they are lost when returned.
   ➨ If a rental property is unoccupied and set for rent, anyone who is a citizen of Port Kar is eligible to rent it. If it is locked, it is not open for rental at this time.

   ➨ Renters pay for their privacy within the sim. RP is valid within rented buildings if invited in, or when it will not disturb the resident.
      • This rule excludes businesses. If the rented space is a store front, with a residence above, only the residence is protected.
   ➨ Invading a home to steal from the owner or destroy the residence ICly is allowed, though please do so when the renter is not there (unless invited).
   ➨ Renters have a right to change their clothes,  or engage in private family RP in peace. They pay for that privilege.
      • This does not mean that a renter can run to their home to evade capture or RP. If this is done, the person chasing you may lock pick their way in. This is only intended to protect their private time.
        • Be adults and ask someone politely to respect your private space if they have invade it during your private time.
      ➨ Private homes are not considered a safe zone in a raid. If you dont wish to participate, set yourself to away.
      ➨ You may not lockpick your way into a private residence, to attack and capture the person. Only exception to this is during a raid. Or if agreed upon by the person whose house you are trying to enter.
◆ Land Tags
     ➨ You will get a land group invite upon renting. Please add any tenants to the rental via the rental sign. Once the tenants are added, they can click the rental sign and get a land group invite. You will need this tag to put items down or they will be auto returned. As well as to open doors in the Port and to set home.Do NOT ask for a land tag if you have no rental. That is a privilege for renting a place in the Port.

◆ Housing
    There may come a time where the rentals are all occupied and there is a small number available. You may be asked to relinquish a rental if you occupy more than two. This will rarely be done but we strive to have everyone wanting to RP on the sim, to be able to live on the sim as well. We will first go to the ones who rent but are rarely seen on sim rping. It is expected, if you rent a place, you will be actively rping on sim.
If you rent a place on the main market square or the small alcoves just under the square,  you are expected to be actively using those rentals, as they are prime areas.

◆ Scripts
   Please be aware of the items you place in your rentals. Turn off the scripts on anything you arent using. Its a quick minute to turn them on when you are wanting to use the item.

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