Port Kar Raid Rules

In the codes of the warriors, there is a saying, "Be strong, and do as you will. The swords of others will set your limits." . . . "Within the circle of each man's sword," say the codes of the warrior, "therein is each man a Ubar"

"Steel is the coinage of the warrior," say the codes, "With it he purchases what pleases him"
Marauders of Gor, Book 9, Page 10



    ➨ You may have one person that speaks for your group. If you have no Mod available, then one spokesperson for your group.
    ➨ All Mod calls are final. You will be subject to ejection if you ignore a mod call or act unreasonable with a mod.
    ➨ Only a Port Kar Moderator or Admin can rule a raid invalid.
    ➨ "Cheating" will be determined by the mod not finding it in these rules does not mean you won't be called on it

    ➨ Raid is defined as 3 or more men.
    ➨ A raid is any act with intent to do harm to Port Kar or its citizens by outsiders to the sim
    ➨ Raiders must request permission to attack from admin.
    ➨ Three men from the attackers on the raid landing locks the count (However Moderators may negotiate count)
    ➨ The Raid Ratio is 1.5:1 in Port Kar
        • If you take captives from Port Kar, you agree to use your own rescue ratio on your sim.
        • You must discuss your Rescue ratio with admin before raid, we do not accept ratio mirror if you have wall defenses
        • If Port Kar takes captives from your city, the Rescue Ratio is 1.5:1
    ➨ Kurii Ratio is 1 Kur to 3 Defenders
    ➨ Defender count will be provided by PK's Moderator before raid start
    ➨ ZCS Meter required - Those who fight while meter is missing or turned afk/ooc will be kicked. They may return self bound.
        • Citizens of the city may place their meter on away during a raid to continue their RP if they do not wish to participate
    ➨ ZCS Weapons only from approved weapons list. 􀀀
    ➨ No Long arrows unless against a Tarn

        • The lead party must be established with the PK moderator before hand.
    ➨ Rescue attempts cannot be attempted until 2 hours after capture (Give people time to RP. This can be negotiated as well.)
        • If the rescue attempt fails a second rescue cannot be attempted for 24 hours

    ➨ Captives may not be taken to no raid, no rescue, no combat or private sims
    ➨ Captives must be taken to the LEADING raid groups city
        • All raid groups who take captives are shadowed by a ship on their escape and their destination           known.
    ➨ Sail posts are required including the name of your captive
    ➨ Unless agreed upon by all parties Port Kar has a 1 day Cap limit
    ➨ If you take a prisoner from Port Kar it is expected you will roleplay with them
    ➨ No captives may be taken on rescue raids

    ➨ All raiders must enter  via the raid entry to the docks on Avalon and take the boats to the raid docks on Port Kar (Abney Sim). 
    ➨ All raiders and kidnappers may leave via the raid entry area or the rp docks..
    ➨ Any fighters that log on or arrive on the sim after a raid has begun must set to OOC or AFK and may NOT join the fighting
    ➨ Once a raider has sailed away from Kar, they may not return for 2 hours after the raid has concluded
    ➨ Anyone TPing out of combat and/or resetting their meter will be temp banned on first instance 

     ➨ No enhancement huds of any type to help with performance or to confuse others
    ➨ No swimming to escape combat (Unless special sea battles are planned
        • You are allowed to jump to escape water (Do not abuse)
        • Those in the water may not use their weapons
    ➨ No Jumping during combat
        • Escaping being stuck, or falling in the water allows you to jump (Do not abuse)
    ➨ No jumping from roofs to escape combat
        •  Falling is allowed we all make mistakes (Do not abuse)
    ➨ No female fighters (including Panthers and Taluna)
    ➨ Sheaths for each of your weapons must be worn to allow usage of a weapon
        • Sheaths must be removed when a fighter is dis-armed, and worn again when a fighter re-arms.
    ➨ No unbinding or healing others while you are bound yourself
    ➨ No running while a captive is leashed to you (Unless that captives legs are free)
    ➨ No bubble pushing - if a mod sees you bubble pushing you will be automatically ejected
    ➨ No sitting on prims to circumnavigate a door - If caught you will be automatically ejected
    ➨ No Tping out of combat or resetting your meter - If caught you will be temporarily banned
    ➨ No grappling anywhere in the city
    ➨ No use of gestures or animations that lay you down, so you can aide someone. (Not including the        ones the ZCS meter)
    ➨ No moving yourself while bubbled.

◆  Emote Lengths  - Hot-key posting is not allowed. Subject of an emote must be named.
✤ A large post including multiple actions WILL be upheld if the post is detailed 􀀃
    ➨ No Post
        • Bandaging
    ➨ One Post
        • Leaving the sim - Minimum of 10 words and name of captive for leaving the sim. Raiders always depart by ship.
        • Aiding -  Minimum of 10 words
        • Gags and blindfolds - Minimum of 10 words
        • Disarming - 10 word Minimum, must name each weapon with sheath shown 
        • Stealing Keys -Minimum of 10 words. (Slaves and Free Women do not have keys for our Main gate, only defenders.        
        • Unbinding - Minimum of 10 words
        • Lock pick interference - Minimum of 10 words (Only three times on a door)
        • Lock pick repair - Minimum of 10 words.

    ➨ Three Posts
        • Binding - Minimum of 10 words each, person must be named
        • Lock Picking - Minimum of 10 words each (Must be shouted) Only left side of main gate is lock pickable. 

    ➨ Females may not carry full size melee weapons - Daggers, Fans, Hairpins are allowed as well as slave weapons. The weapon must be set to lowest possible damage. Females may not use any ranged weapons.
    ➨ There are no female warriors, Female outlaws, mercenaries, and pirates. They will not be acknowledged as fighters. If you want to participate in a BTB raid, use a male avatar. Disguises cannot be used in raids.  Save that for RP.
     ➨ Panthers did not raid cities
     ➨ Females are allowed to drag 1 captive at a time

    ➨ Beasts are not allowed to participate in raids,  With the exception of Tarns

◆   Combat & Slaves
    ➨ Attacking raid slaves are not permitted. (This can be negotiated and can only be allowed if your sim allows the same. But must be discussed with mod. and if allowed, they cannot fight but assist in aiding and bandaging and binding.)
    ➨ Slaves do not possess keys
    ➨ Male slaves may use the same weapons as a Free Man and will be counted in the defender count.
    ➨ Slaves are allowed to disarm and bind captives once downed
    ➨ Slaves are allowed to drag bound captives 
        • Females may drag 1 captive
        • Males can drag 2 captives
    ➨ Female slaves may use weapons, such as sticks, brooms, frying pans, and walking sticks (Slave damage only) No ranged weapons. Melee only. The above weapons are just examples. Any slave weapon with lowest possible damage.

    ➨ Raiders must rez their Tarn at the raid area, prior to raid dock once reaching Kar starting and may not rez them elsewhere.
    ➨ Port Kar can rezz a tarn up to 30 min after raid starts.
    ➨ No ferrying.
    ➨ If bubbled on your tarn you must dismount and de-rezz the tarn. It may not be re-rezzed
    ➨ When the tarn is killed from under the rider, and ridden to the ground, the Tarnsman is auto-capped (Self Bind)
    ➨ If your tarn is stuck inside an object, or building, you must de rezz the tarn and return to the raid dock and come in on foot.
    ➨ Only health metered tarns allowed. Regenerating Tarns are not allowed. 20/20 Standard
        • (Maximum speed of 20 m/s; Dead after 20 hits with an arrow)
    ➨ Approved Tarns:
        • Tudu v2.1.a Non regenerativ
        • Havoc Rau No Regen v1.4 or higher
        • Dove Rau 20/20 Standard Tarn (S20)

    ➨ No killing during raid - After the raid normal Port Kar death rules apply, even if they are a captive on your sim.
    ➨ Death by suicide results in a 7 day ban.
    ➨ If you take a captive from Port Kar to your sim, you accept OUR Killing rules (They did not go to your sim on their own) a
     ➨ Death - Three Posts, 10 words per post.
        •  You are REQUIRED to have a good reason to kill, and discuss it before hand with the victim in IM's . Killing is NOT something to be taken lightly.
   ➨ Killing is only allowable after a minimum of one hour of RP. Combat and the preamble to combat is not considered part of this time frame.
      • The ONLY exception to this rule is a Black Caste on a hunt. But if a BC is in the raid, they may not use the raid as helping to fulfill the contract.
   ➨ After killing somebody, it may be RPed out as one of the following results:
      • RPing a grievous injury and spend 24 hours in the infirmary while you recover from your wounds. They may have recall of the incident.
      • RPing a permanent death, and returning as a new character with a different back story. This also concludes any IC animosity between your former character and the killer.
      • 24 hour death timer, and the RP leading to your death being erased from memory, placing you and your attacker in a neutral state.

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